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I have finally taken the time to assemble a (fully working) Dynamic Sharepoint Rebranding Module (DSRM). The idea is based on a HTTPModule that dynamically change the Master Page (and CSS) on the fly. This approach has several advantages but my initial requirements is that it should support:
  • Dynamic re-branding of Master Pages
  • Dynamic appending of custom CSS
  • Replacing one Master Page with another like default.master => company.master
  • Highly configureable from the web.config with a somewhat intuitive configuration model including priorities on matching.
  • Rebranding of Master/CSS via query string parameters (like ?PrinterFriendly=true).
  • Must be compatible with Publishing Pages (many HTTPModules branding attempts out there are not)
  • Must be compatible with Application Pages
  • Supports Add-on model for Interceptors like QueryStringInterceptor (included in Beta 0.0.2).

Web.config sample

NB: Sample is included in the binaries download.

First you need to register the new branding section like this:


Then this is how the actual branding section look likes:


And finally locate the <httpModule> section in the web.config and register the HTTPModule like this:
   <!-- Required Section -->
   <Add name="DSRM" type="AKJ.Sharepoint.Branding.HTTPModules.SharepointBrandingModule, AKJ.Sharepoint.Branding, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=adda199c4fc7387f" />

Branding Examples

Frontpage (Before/After)

Front_Normal1.PNG Front_Branded1.PNG

Site Settings (Before/After)

Settings_Normal1.PNG Settings_Branded1.PNG

Site Settings / Statistics (Before/After)

Settings_Stat_Normal1.PNG Settings_Stat_Branded1.PNG

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